Girona joins the ecotourism project ‘From Bark to Bottle', designed to raise awareness of the importance of cork among the international public

14/07/16 | Girona City Council and the Gavarres Consortium have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out this initiative.

Girona City Council and the Gavarres Consortium are taking part in an initiative to promote the importance of cork through the ecotourism project ‘From Bark to Bottle'.

‘From Bark to Bottle' aims to educate the American and international public about cork culture. To achieve this objective, the project offers people the chance to learn about the world of cork and the Gavarres region on a four-day trip that includes visits to the Gavarres mountains and surrounding area and various activities designed by the Consortium. ‘From Bark to Bottle' is promoted by the US foundation Cork Forest Conservation Alliance. The participants in this second edition of the trip also enjoyed the city of Girona's many attractions, particularly its rich heritage, history and gastronomy, as part of a guided tour around the most emblematic sights in Girona's historic quarter.

A total of four trips have been planned for 2016, mainly aimed at US travellers with high purchasing power who are looking for high-quality, exclusive and responsible travel experiences.