Tocs de Vi offers wine tastings in some of Girona's unique spaces and buildings

30/05/16 | Places are now available to book on the DO Empordą website for wine tastings in such emblematic settings as the Alemanys gardens, one of the towers in the old city walls and Casa Masó, among others.

The Tocs de Vi de l'Empordą wine festival, which takes place from 3 to 5 June, offers visitors the chance to pair wines from the Empordą region with culinary treats provided by the restaurants and bars in Girona's emblematic Plaēa de la Independčncia.

This edition includes an innovative new feature that allows visitors to taste wines from the DO Empordą region in some of the city's unique buildings and spaces. As a parallel activity, the wine fair will include, for the first time, eleven wine tastings in settings such as the terrace of the Girona History Museum, the courtyard of the Jewish History Museum, the Art Museum, Casa Masó, the old church of Sant Lluc, the Alemanys gardens and one of the towers in the old city walls, offering panoramic views over the city.

The wine tastings will take place from Wednesday 1 until Saturday 4 June at different times (at 12 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm). Tickets cost €7, and can be purchased from the DO Empordą website [ DO EMPORDĄ ]
Each wine tasting will feature a different vineyard from the DO Empordą region. The ticket includes entrance to the wine tasting and five tickets and a glass for the wine fair to be held in Plaēa de la Independčncia.