‘Girona Flower Time' firmly established as the main event of the spring

09/06/16 | From 7 to 15 May, visitors enjoyed 179 floral projects spread over 134 of the city's most emblematic spaces

In its 61st edition, Girona Flower Time once again demonstrated that the festival is a must-see event on the spring calendar in southern Europe. Girona Flower Time is synonymous with success, both in visitor numbers and for the city itself, as it offers nine days when the city's residents and professionals can show off their talent and their creations in some truly exceptional settings. From 7 to 15 May, visitors enjoyed 134 of the city's most emblematic spaces, decorated with 179 floral projects - 14 more than in the previous edition.

Four out of ten visitors came to the festival on a weekday, confirming the trend for off-peak attendance. Visitors to Girona Flower Time came mainly from Spain, followed by France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA, in that order.

Extended opening hours at the decorated spaces until midnight on three of the nine days of the festival and the range of parallel activities on offer encouraged visitors to stay longer in the city. As a result, the Girona Hotel and Catering Association report very healthy figures for hotel occupation during the period. The leisure and gastronomy campaigns Flors de Nit and Gastroflors, with 15,000 special menus served, and a new edition of the Window Display Competition, which 160 shops took part in, demonstrate how enthusiastically Girona's society has embraced this event.

The festival also had an important impact in the media. The estimated publicity generated by media coverage of this year's Girona Flower Time has been valued at €11.5 million. Based on these figures, the Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, highlighted that any city would want an event like Girona Flower Time on its calendar and she added that there are plans to focus the publicity for next year's event on new audiences who have yet to discover the festival.