More unique and natural spaces in the 61st edition of "Girona Flower Time"

28/04/16 | This year there will be an opportunity to visit the roman walls of the city's former hospital and to stroll along a beach beside the River Ter, among other activities.

For the nine days of Girona Flower Time (7 to 15 May) visitors will be able to enjoy 134 spaces decorated with floral displays. As a new feature this year, it will also be possible to visit walls dating back to roman times in Carrer del Riu Galligants, in a building that is thought to have been a hospital in the Middle Ages and which will soon be turned into an urban spa. This will be the only chance to visit these archaeological discoveries before remodelling works begin.

This year, continuing along the same lines as the previous editions, Girona Flower Time is taking another step towards involving the city's different districts in the festival. While the Carme-Vista Alegre neighbourhood has become established as a stop on the floral route, those of Santa Eugčnia and Sant Narcís will now also be taking part in the display.

The beach on the River Ter, the historic quarter's drinking fountains and the Archaeological Walk to the Calvary chapel are some of the new spaces that will be decorated with floral displays in this edition. Visitors can also see unique and thought-inspiring projects in the Cathedral basement and on the stairs of the basilica of Sant Feliu.

Culture plays an important role in the city this year, with the fifth edition of the Girona A Cappella Festival, which promises to fill the city with music, and on Wednesday 11 May, when the Flower Time festival stays open until midnight, there will be a bell-ringing concert held in the historic quarter.

In this 61st edition of Girona Flower Time, and to conclude the commemoration activities marking the thirtieth anniversary of the twinning of Albi and Girona, this Occitan city wanted to get involved in Girona's most international event, and so it is preparing a floral project that will be displayed in the gardens of the Carlemany Tower.