Weekend offer at Sports Tourism Destination hotels

24/03/16 | Hotels in Girona that form part of the DTE (Sports Tourism Destination) seal are offering a 20% discount to those participating in sporting events in the city, among other benefits

Recently Girona obtained the DTE seal, which is awarded by the Catalan Tourism Agency. The city boasts various hotels adapted to the needs of sportspeople and which provide specific services for them, such as flexible meal times, picnic lunches prepared specifically for sportspeople, sale of energy products, sporting information for clients and secure indoor parking for bicycles, in the case of hotels adapted for cyclists, among others.
The hotels included within this seal also offer a special weekend package for anyone taking part in sporting events in the city, which includes a 20% discount on the current bed and breakfast rates at each establishment.
Other benefits for sportspeople and their families taking advantage of this offer include a 50% discount at municipal sports facilities and a 3 pm late check-out option. To take advantage of this special package, the person making the booking must provide proof of inscription in the relevant sporting event. The offer is valid for DTE events held in the city of Girona.