‘Episcopal Girona', the new tourism product offering joint visits to the Cathedral, Sant Feliu and the Art Museum

02/03/16 | The Catalan Department of Culture and the Diocese of Girona are promoting this initiative that seeks to publicise the important buildings of Episcopal Girona.

From mid-February onwards Girona will be offering tourists a new attraction; for the special reduced price of €10, they will be able to visit the Cathedral, the basilica of Sant Feliu and the Art Museum in the Episcopal Palace. In addition, further discounts will be available for pensioners, accredited students over 16, children between 8 and 16 years old and disabled people.

There are also plans to offer guided visits around the three spaces and other nearby heritage buildings, such as the Pia Almoina (Almshouse) and the Casa de l'Ardiaca (Archdeacon's house), to produce an audiovisual on the history and the artists who painted the Saint Felix altarpiece, and to draw attention to the former Episcopal Palace in order to understand its architecture and evolution.