Girona presents the 2016 edition of its ‘Girona, City of Festivals' guide

07/01/16 | City of Festivals 2016 adds a new event dedicated to television series, the Plot Series Fest, to Girona's cultural calendar.

The latest guide to Girona, City of Festivals for 2016 has been released. The number of festivals remains the same as in 2015 at 21, despite the addition of a new event this year, the Plot Series Fest, which replaces the Guitar Festival, an event that the organisers have decided to turn into a cycle rather than a festival.

The Plot Series Fest, details of which will follow soon, is due to take place between 25 and 30 April and will involve showings of television series open to the general public and a three-day international professional congress on television fiction.

The 21 festivals run from January to December, providing the city with at least one cultural event per month. The predominant cultural genre is music, with 9 festivals, while the other festivals encompass a wide range of disciplines, such as audiovisual media (3 festivals), the performing arts (2 festivals), the visual arts (2 festivals), literature (1 festival) and traditional and popular culture (1 festival), in addition to three further multidisciplinary festivals.