Girona, pioneering city in the study of tourist movement based on real mobile data

15/10/15 | The Smart Steps study carried out by Telefónica has analysed the flow and origin of tourists in the city during the last edition of the Girona Flower Time festival.

Girona is leading the way in Spain in the use of real mobile data to analyse the flow, behaviour and origin of the city's tourists. The study, based on Telefónica's Smart Steps tool, focused on the most recent edition of Girona Flower Time, which was held from 9 to 17 May 2015.

This study enables tourism in the city to be tracked and traced back to its origins in order to improve the offer in subsequent editions of the festival, and enhance the experience of the thousands of people who visit Girona during this period.

The Smart Steps study estimates that the total number of visitors to the city during the Girona Flower Time festival was 244,199, of which 90% were from Catalonia, 2% were from the rest of Spain and 8% were from abroad. This figure reflects an increase of almost 45,000 visitors compared with the year 2012, according to a financial impact study conducted during that year's edition by the University of Girona on behalf of the City Council.

Of the 18,881 international visitors, 82% of them came from nine countries (France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Poland, Russia and the USA). France is the country of origin of the greatest number of international visitors, accounting for 45% of the total.