Impact of filming "Game of Thrones" in the city of Girona

25/09/15 | Filming for the TV series Game of Thrones in Girona has generated a 3.6 m publicity impact.

A study commissioned by Girona City Council into the impact of filming parts of this series in the city has highlighted that a total of 10,443 online publications discussing Game of Thrones and linking it to the city of Girona have been generated, both on social networks and in the press and blogs. The report covers the period from 1 May to 13 September.

Of the 10,443 publications talking about Game of Thrones and linking it to Girona, 8,387 appeared as posts on social networks, 716 as news items in the press and 1,340 in blogs and websites.

These publications have received a total of 1.333 billion views across the world, divided up in the following way: 41.5% in France (553,244,697 views), 35.7% in the UK and USA (475,473,328 views), 16% in Spain (212,815,465 views), 3.2% in Germany (42,315,047 views) and 2.1% in Catalonia (28,105,683 views).

Despite representing smaller percentages, it is also worth noting the impact in number of views in other countries, which was: 8,667,269 views in Italy, 565,730 in Australia, 1,107,601 in Mexico, 9,830,186 in Portugal, 2,144 in the Netherlands, 589 in Japan, 155,876 in Venezuela, 344,299 in Colombia, 137,181 in Chile, 39,084 in Belgium and 48,318 in Argentina.

This online presence has been monetised at over 3,670,244 (which represents the publicity investment required to generate the same impact), a figure calculated using the standard communication method, the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).