The Tarlą dresses for summer

30/06/15 | On Saturday 20 June the Tarlį figure will be hung up wearing the outfit chosen to represent the arrival of summer.

With his traditional Catalan beret, sash and canvas shoes, the Tarlį, dressed in the period costume of a peasant farmer during the harvest and threshing -typical summer work-¬, welcomes the change of season from spring to summer.

The Tarlą is one of Girona's most emblematic figures. He takes the form of a doll, typically dressed as a minstrel with bells on the points of his hat, which dangles from a bar over the street, turning somersaults.
He will hang until 6 July, after which he be taken down until the next change of season in the autumn. During the Girona Fairs he will be dressed in his party clothes and he will also make an appearance during the traditional Spring Festival.

The Tarlą will turn his somersaults on Saturday 20, Tuesday 23, Saturday 27 and Monday 29 June, as well as on Saturday 4 July, from 11 am to 1 pm and again from 5.30 to 7.30 pm.