Archivists from several European cities visit "Girona Flower Time"

15/05/15 | This May in Girona a new session of the Leonardo da Vinci European programme was held, with the participation of more than twenty professionals from the Netherlands, Hungary and Sweden.

The European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci project seeks to increase knowledge and training in the area of digitising archives by encouraging exchange and cooperation among the different participating institutions. It consists of organising working visits and workshops to train archiving professionals on digitising documents and other related topics. The sessions were held at the offices of Girona's Municipal Archive and were attended by more than twenty professionals.

There are currently seven cities of six different nationalities -Dutch, British, Irish, Hungarian, Swedish and Catalan- committed to the project. The municipal archive in Gävle is leading the programme, which includes the participation of Girona City Council, together with other institutions in four European cities: Budapest (Hungary), Borås and Gävle (Sweden), and Schiedam (the Netherlands). Taking advantage of the fact that the event coincided with Girona Flower Time, on the last day of their stay the participants were offered a guided visit around the city's streets, courtyards and monuments.

This programme, in which several members of staff from Girona City Council's Document, Archive and Publications Management Service (SGDAP) are involved, has addressed such diverse subjects as digitising photographic collections, managing local television archives, the operation of the Europeana portal, the Preforma project, replacing paper archives with digital ones and the InterPARES European project.