"Girona Flower Time" celebrates its 60th anniversary from 9 to 17 May

30/04/15 | Girona Flower Time is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015, a year which also marks the consolidation of a unique floral space on the River Onyar, and the special opening of the Modern Cinema during the exhibition, some 14 years after it closed its doors for the last time.

Another feature of this edition is the longer exhibition opening hours, which have been extended an hour later than in previous years until ten o'clock at night. This will give visitors more time to browse the 134 spaces decorated with flowers and plants, and enjoy the displays from another perspective. In addition, and just as in previous editions, for three days (Saturday 9, Wednesday 13 and Saturday 16) the opening hours will run continuously from ten o'clock in the morning until midnight.

Among this year's outstanding projects, special mention should be made of the display created by representatives of the Ghent Floralies exhibition in the cloister of the monastery of Saint Daniel, a setting that has been welcomed back into the exhibition in this edition. The Ghent Floralies is one of the world's best-known floral displays.

As it does every year, in 2015 the festival is introducing some new technology for its visitors; this year's launch is an audioguide available in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French) designed to complement the visit to the spaces considered as unmissable. This tool will bring added value to any walk around Flower Time, as it provides a description of the ‘top ten' spaces and the projects displayed there.

The Girona Flower Time exhibition is organised jointly by Girona City Council, the associations Friends of Girona's Flowers, Friends of Old Girona, Friends of the Historic Gardens, and the Girona Floral Association.

Further information is available on the website [ GIRONA TEMPS DE FLORS ]