Festivalot, the new music festival for children and new family tourism activity in Girona

05/03/15 | The festival, promoted by the group Els Amics de les Arts, takes place on 6 and 7 June and will include more than twenty concerts of different musical styles designed to appeal to family audiences.

The aim of the festival is to allow adults and children to enjoy live music together and to turn Girona into a 100% musical and 100% family region for two whole days. Els Catarres, Joan Dausà and Els Amics de les Arts will be performing in this first edition.

For one weekend, Festivalot will offer more than twenty concerts and musical shows for children and the adults accompanying them. In addition to the different paid concerts, the festival will also include free concerts, workshops, activities and services for those attending, such as complimentary areas for relaxing, breast-feeding and playing, which will in some cases be supplied with highchairs and microwave ovens for warming up baby food.

The Municipal Theatre, La Mercè Auditorium and Plaça de la Independència -where the free concerts will be held- are the main stages in Festivalot. La Mercè Auditorium will provide the setting for the jazz and classical music concerts such as the show Nora i el jazz, by Big Band de Granollers, Com sona Armstrong, and Bitels per a nadons (with music by The Beatles). During the two days of the festival, the stage in Plaça de la Independència will be hosting performances by Jordi Tonietti, Lali Rondalla, Ambäukatunàvia, CyBee, Landry el Rumbero, País de Cotó and Hop's Trio (that will be performing Little Swing together), La Tresca i la Verdesca and Soul Music Kids (from the EUMES school).

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on the website [ FESTIVALOT ]