Girona Bike World, the new fair dedicated to the bicycle sector

25/02/15 | The province of Girona offers bicycle users a wide range of opportunities, and Girona Bike World aims to respond to the needs of both amateur and professional cyclists.

From 1 to 3 May Girona will be hosting Girona Bike World, a fair in which visitors will be able to find all the latest from the cycle tourism sector, try out the newest bicycles on the market, practice their skill on two wheels on a test circuit, watch demonstrations given by the best "bikers" in the world and attend talks and exhibitions. Also being held as part of this fair are the 5th International Congress on the Bicycle and the Pirinexus 360 Challenge.

The province's 125 kilometres of greenways and multitude of signposted cycle-tourism routes have led to an important increase in the number of bicycle users. This context, together with the area's pleasant climate, make Girona an increasingly popular choice for enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world, who find the region the perfect place to train.
In parallel to Girona Bike World, on 30 April and 1 May the Girona Conference Centre will be hosting the 5th International Congress on the Bicycle, focused on cycle tourism and sustainable mobility.

In addition, on Saturday 2 May the first edition of the Pirinexus 360 Challenge will be held, an extreme test of endurance which will start and finish at the Girona Exhibition Centre. The participants have from 6 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the early hours of the following day to complete the 350 kilometres connecting Garrotxa, the south of France, Empordā and Girončs.