Girona is one of the most searched cities by Europeans planning their holidays, according to Jetcost

10/02/15 | This is one of the results of searches for Spanish cities and other countries made by Europeans in 2014, according to the powerful flight and hotel search engine Jetcost.

Jetcost regularly analyses online searches made using its web portal, so the data it produces is considered very reliable as it comes from real searches and not just surveys. The data analysed from search results in 2014 indicate that Barcelona was the most popular city with French, Italian and Dutch travellers, while Alicante was at the top of the list for the British and Palma de Mallorca for the Germans.

An analysis of the country most searched for found that Spain was the favourite holiday destination for British, German, Italian and Dutch travellers, and it only occupied second place with the French, after their own country. This explains why in 2014 Spanish tourism set a new record, with the country receiving more than 65 million foreign tourists, most of them Europeans.

In addition, a growing interest in more far flung destinations is being seen, particularly the United States and Thailand.

In the case of Girona, this city is 10th on the list of the most searched for cities by the French and Germans, and holds 9th position for the Dutch.