Twenty-one festivals make up the brand "Girona, City of Festivals" in 2015

04/02/15 | A total of twenty-one festivals of various types form part of the brand "Girona, City of Festivals" in 2015. In addition to the festivals that took part in 2014, this year the brand welcomes Festivalot and Tempo under the Stars.

The brand encompasses performances of music, theatre, visual and interdisciplinary arts and includes long-running, internationally recognised festivals, such as Temporada Alta, and newer innovative initiatives with an ambitious future ahead of them, such as the Girona International Mapping Festival.

The "Girona, City of Festivals" calendar includes 21 events taking place over a period of 12 months, starting with the Pepe Sales Independent Art Festival, which runs from 23 January to 11 February, and closing with Acocollona't, which will be held from 30 October to 8 November. During the year audiences can enjoy the Ibercamera classical music festival; the Black Music Festival; the MOT literature festival; the Strenes festival which showcases breakout acts on the Catalan music scene; the In-somni indie, pop and rock music festival; the Girona A Cappella Festival; the inund'Art visual arts festival; the Festivalot family music festival; the Milestone Project urban art festival and conferences; the Ludivers games culture festival; the Classical Nights music festival; the UndÓrius popular and traditional culture festival; the Guitar Festival; the Tempo under the Stars jazz and soul festival; the International Mapping Festival; the FITAG amateur theatre festival; the Jazz Festival; the Cinema Festival, and the Temporada Alta interdisciplinary festival.