New free mobile app to pay for parking in blue and green zones in Girona

28/10/14 | Girona has just been added to a free app called e-park, which allows users to pay for parking in the city's blue and green zones using their mobiles.

The app can also be used to extend or renew a parking ticket, without needing to physically return to where the vehicle is parked.
The e-park app offers the same functionality as a conventional parking meter, accessible through a mobile phone (pay for parking, cancel parking fines...).

One new feature of this tool is that users can transfer any time remaining on their parking ticket to another person if they no longer need it. This way, users who capture this ticket can park free of charge during the period already paid for but not used by the previous holder.

This system is available to residents and visitors alike, and is currently operating in nine cities: Almuñécar, Córdoba, Girona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Teruel, Santander and Santiago de Compostela.

[ E-park ]