What was the Jewish community?

The data:

  • Fragments: 141
  • Registers:: 90 documentary units
  • Identified documents: 10 (67 fragments)
  • Dating: 13th to 15th centuries
  • Languages: Hebrew and Catalan
  • Alphabet: Hebrew

For 700 years, from the 9th to the 15th century, dozens of Jewish families lived in Girona. They took an active part in the political, social and economic life of the city and made it a cultural reference point. We take the Jewish community to mean the series of religious and social structures in which they were organized. (Learn more)

What is their legacy?

The Jewish community of Girona left us some archaeological and documentary testimonies of their presence in the city. The Jewish Call (quarter) is an example of this, as are the numerous documents in Latin and Catalan that reflect the business dealings and the transactions of all kinds made by the community and which are conserved in notarial protocols, the municipal registers and the parchments of the city's archives. (Learn more)

What documents does the Municipal Archive have?

The Municipal Archive conserves information on the life of the Jewish community reflected in the municipal administrative documentation, chiefly in the city council's minute books, but also in privileges and royal letters and other documents. Moreover, some books bound in the medieval period also had inside their covers fragments of documents in Hebrew writing. (Learn more)

Why are these fragments important?

The documents in Hebrew writing are a rarity in the archives of this country. These fragments recovered from the covers of bound books are written in Hebrew and hence drafted without the mediation of Christian scribes who only used the Latin alphabet. They come directly from the Jewish community before its expulsion, decreed in 1492.

What will I find in this resource?

This resource intends to make the Hebrew documents of the Municipal Archive accessible through their online consultation, and also refer to the Jewish documentary legacy in other centres in the city and to offer specific bibliography and resources available for study.

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