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New display case on Antoni Varés

From this week onwards, Girona City History Museum Room 13 boasts a new display case dedicated to Antoni Varés and his major contributions to photography and the world of image.


Antoni Varés (Llagostera, 1909 - Girona, 1966) has always been represented in the permanent collection of Girona City History Museum. His King's Regula Cita 135mm camera and his Bell & Howell movie-camera were formerly displayed in the ground floor space on the applications of electricity. However, the reorganisation of this area into the new Contemporary Space has led to highlighting the significance of Antoni Varés for the world of image with a new display case. This can now be seen in Room 13, dedicated to the years of the Franco dictatorship.

Antoni Varés’ two cameras are on display, as well as a poster he designed for the 1960 Girona Festival, a 1943 portrait (see image) and a brief text on his professional career.

Varés was a film enthusiast and a master of backlighting. He took up photography, filming and poster-designing in Paris between the two world wars. During a short stay in Girona in 1931, he shot his first amateur film entitled The Abduction of Maria Rosa. From 1940 onwards, he pursued his professional career as a poster artist and graphic designer.



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