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What do you know about Faixˇ and LluciÓ?

Espai Volart is presenting this exhibition on Joaquim LluciÓ and Jaume Faixˇ, under the curatorship of Gl˛ria Bosch and Susanna Portell, until 25 June of this year.

The show has been approached as a web of relationships between the works of Joaquim LluciÓ (Vidreres, 1929 - Barcelona, 1973) and Jaume Faixˇ (Girona, 1952-1998), who took the same stance with respect to art. For this reason, such aspects as form and composition, the investigation of light, the concept of creation, research into materials and their incorporation, or the relations of their art with the Romanesque and the Constructivist trends form the exhibition's guiding thread.



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