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The sardana now listed in Catalogue of the Festive Heritage of Catalonia

The Catalan Government has declared the sardana to be a heritage festive element of national interest.


The declaration, pronounced in early October, gives a description of the music and choreography of the sardana dance in order to promote and conserve it as an expression of traditional Catalan culture.
The City History Museum has a room dedicated to the sardana, which is indispensable for those who wish to understand the nature of a cobla band and the evolution of the use and production of wind instruments in Old Catalonia over the last three centuries. The room contains a unique collection of instruments, which includes some perfectly conserved shawms, old tiples, the first tenoras, and several other pieces made by Turon, Catroi and other historical instrument builders. It also shows the evolution of cobla instruments and a text by luthier Joan Pellissa explaining the history and social role of music in the northern parts of Catalonia over the last three centuries.



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