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The museum’s collection grows to 9,600 inventory items through the latest donations

Mrs Maria Assumpció Nadal Padró and Mr Joaquim Alcalde Ballell have given respectively electrical items and photographs of the city’s bullring to the City History Museum’s collection.

Late in July, the Local Council accepted the donation by Mrs Maria Assumpció Nadal Padró of a set of objects connected with electricity: electricity meters from Fréderic Sauter and Siemens-Schückert, Westinghouse lamps, paper-cutting devices from Orbis, and brass lamp-holders. Full ownership of these items was assigned to Girona City Council, and they will serve to enlarge the industrial-archaeology collection at the Museum. Approval was also given at that same session on 20 July to a donation by Mr Joaquim Alcalde Ballell: eight posters and seven photographs featuring bull-fighting motifs, and the stained-glass window by Emília Xargay, which came from the chapel in the bullring.
The Museum opened its doors in 1981, though at that time this municipal facility had only a small collection; since then, however, thanks to the cooperation of the city’s people, it has been growing constantly, and now holds 9,600 items in its inventory.
The focus of interest is on the anonymous side, collective history, social life, and thus a workshop, a loom, a plough, an axe, a train engine and electric lighting are all given the prominence that is due to them in this Museum. If you are keen to rebuild the history of the city, do not throw away your personal mementos and old objects: donate them or leave them on deposit, for the collection must go on growing.



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