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Virtual visit to the exhibition Girona and France. Times of War and Peace, 1659-1939

The City History Museum is setting up a new online space dedicated to virtual exhibitions in order to provide Internet users with access to the history of Girona through the Museum website. The first virtual visit is an adaptation of the exhibition Girona and France. Times of War and Peace, 1659-1939, available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

Over the last two years, Girona city has organised a wide-ranging programme of cultural and civic events to commemorate the bicentenary of the most outstanding episode in our recent history: the Spanish War of Independence (better known in Catalonia as the Peninsular War), which took place between 1808 and 1814. The war was traditionally regarded as an epic historical event and viewed from a predominantly militarist and heroic standpoint. However, over the last century and, above all, more recently, the episode has been analysed from a more critical, historiographical perspective. Girona City hosted the Third Girona History Conference, from 19 to 21 November 2009, which was centred on these same events.
On the occasion of the bicentenary commemoration of the Spanish War of Independence, the City History Museum curated a temporary exhibition. That afforded new insights into the Peninsular War, taking into account diverse aspects of Girona and Europe of the period and, in particular, focusing on the citizens who lived through the conflict and not merely on the main historical figures.
Those who were unable to see the exhibition while it was open to the public can now avail of the new virtual access: an innovatory, interactive tool providing an easy, attractive way to understand the relationship existing between Girona and France over three centuries.



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