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The 3rd Girona History Conference will be dedicated to the bicentenary of the Napoleonic Wars

On 19, 20 and 21 November, the city of Girona will go back in time to analyse the subject "War and Power in Frontier Lands (1729-1823)".

In 1808, Napoleon invaded the Iberian peninsula and started what is known as the Peninsular War, a conflict which involved the rapid invasion of the country, its annexing to the Empire in 1812 and the imposition of the French administration system. However, these events fall within the greater context of a cycle of conflicts starting with the French Revolutionary Wars (1793-1795) and continuing until the French invasion of 1823 carried out by the so-called "Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis".
The conference will revolve around the experience of these "frontier lands", as Girona and Catalonia were, against the background of the wars they fought first against revolutionary France and later, against Napoleon, and which dragged on until 1823.



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