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Presentation in Girona of the European project

The project, which continues the Culture 2000 programme, springs from a desire to identify the potential of the hidden heritage in three medium-sized cities ¿Brindisi, Toulouse and Girona¿ and to publicise this through a jointly undertaken promotion plan.


In the case of our city, the launch of this European project will result in a wide programme of activities. Among these will be two temporary exhibitions that bring together the results of the latest archaeological works carried out in the ancient cities of Brundisium, Tolosa and Gerunda, the international seminar Archaeology in Ancient Roman Cities and Urban Development: Problems and Solutions, which will be held on 3 July in the University of Girona¿s Humanities Faculty, and two excavation programmes, one in the church of Sant Feliu in Girona and the other in Brindisi.
The chosen area of archaeological interest in our city is the church of Sant Feliu, which was the first cathedral in Girona.
The local council in the Italian city of Brindisi is leading this project, in which Girona City Council, the University of Girona and the École nationale supérieure d¿architecture in Toulouse are also participating.



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