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Seminars: Identity and Exile (1939-2009)

The seminars Identity and Exile (1939-2009) will be held from 5 to 7 February in Girona, Barcelona and La Jonquera. They have backing from the Directorate-General for the Democratic Memory, and have been organised by the University of Barcelona, the University of Girona, the Exile Memorial Museum and the Catalan Mental Health Congress Foundation.

Despite having suffered one of the oldest and longest repressions, only very recently has restoration work begun under the auspices of certain institutions and based on the work done by historians and journalists.
The idea of these seminars is to bear witness to those collective phenomena that overturned the lives of the citizens, forcing them to flee their country, their family, their language, and their fondly cherished ideals, and the effect that this had on their health as individuals and as citizens, as well as on their surroundings.



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