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Jaume Prat, a contributor to the work of the City History Museum, is presenting the first comprehensive guide to Girona's city wall

Girona City Council is publishing the first in-depth guide to the city's wall and other fortifications, covering the period from the first century BC down to the eighteenth century.

This publication is the work of two history enthusiasts, Jaume Prat and Jordi Pericot, and is entitled Guia de la muralla de Girona. Recorreguts per les muralles, castells, torres, baluards, forts, reductes i portals ('Guide to Girona's city wall. Tours of the walls, castles, towers, bastions, redoubts and gateways'). It proposes five routes, each with detailed maps: the first deals with the Força Vella walled-in district, the second covers the north and south walls, the third takes us around the Mercadal walls, the fourth route follows the defences of Mount Montjüic, and the fifth, the last route, takes us to the Pedreres redoubts.
The author has already led some of these routes, which were organised by the City History Museum, and the other tours making up this guide will be available in the framework of the programme of itineraries staged under the title Trepitja la Història ('Walking around History') and put on by this municipal service.



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