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The museum shows A sculpture of Miquel Palol work of sculptor Ricardo Guinó

The work has been given by the famila Palol to the City of Girona, bound to dedicated rooms modernism and novecentismo of the Museum.


The History Museum of Girona sculpture exhibit a full-length portrait of Michael Palol original work of the artist Richard Guinó (1890-1973). Palol family kept the original plaster Guinó made in 1910 and in 2013 donated to the city of Girona. The council has made a sculpture in bronze, which shall be deposited in the Museum of History. The sculpture will be exhibited at the Museum dedicated to showing art and culture of the twentieth century modernism and Girona.
Guinó is an excellent piece of Impressionist portrait that reflects a precise stage of life and attitude of the important literary Girona upright body slightly bent and hands behind holding a book.
In this portrait Ricard Guinó sculptor who worked with the French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, is completely inserted into the modernist movement, although some of his best known works (also made in plaster and preserved at the Museum History) belong to classicism characteristic movement noucentista also own another great sculptor Girona: Fidel Aguilar.



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