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The new Design Museum of Barcelona will present a showcase of Maso loan from Girona History Museum

The work has been given ten years thanks to a deposit agreement between the City Council of Girona and Barcelona Institute of Culture.


One of the novelties of Design Museum of Barcelona, which will open its doors to the public on December 14, the exhibition will be a great showcase designed by architect Rafael Maso (Girona, 1880-1935).
It's designed by Masó in 1915 for inside the Ensesa's house (current Municipal School of Music of Girona), the nineteenth-century architect had begun to reform and expand in 1913.
This window and your partner, of equal size, made card function on the door that was between the hall and the living trust, adjacent to the dining room. The unifying icon of the part-indeed, decoration throughout the house is a stylized bell is repeated sixteen times, in groups of four, interspersed in a geometric pattern based on triangles and rectangles that alternate to right and left of each flower.



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