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New educational materials from the Girona City History Museum

A guide to the contents, and six suggested topics.

A new publication for this year is this teaching guide: educational materials intended particularly for teachers and educators. It provides content and approaches for working on a visit to the City History Museum. The exhibits on display in the various rooms can serve as an introduction to the history of Girona over more than 2,000 years, from the time of the earliest prehistoric settlements down to the present day. The guide gives information on: prehistory, the Roman period, medieval Girona, Girona in modern Catalonia, the Napoleonic War, Girona as it was in the nineteenth century, the Girona of Art Nouveau and Noucentisme (a Catalan neoclassical and nationalist movement of the early twentieth century), Republican Girona, the Civil War and Franco’s movement in the city of Girona, and the transition to democracy.
It also brings other new teaching materials: a selection of six topics analysing specific aspects of each of the periods covered in the City History Museum’s permanent collection. These materials are also intended to be of use to teachers and educators to supplement either freely arranged visits or guided tours of the museum. Each topic has various practical activities and work sheets designed for learning and assimilating the contents in a participatory way that is fun for the learners.
You will find these materials available for download from this website ready for use.



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