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The painting of Raimunda Nouvilas de Pagès, famous Santa Barbara's heroine joins the collection

She was the Major of second squadron of the Company, called the Conception, which was tasked to assist the defenses Figuerola and Santa Creu, and the stretch of wall that separated them.


Now you can visit this oils painitng in the old cellar of the museum thanks to the agreement signed with Carmen and Eugenia de Pagès Bergés.
The Company of Santa Barbara born on June 20, 1808, during the assault of the French army in the bastion of Santa Clara, where groups of women attending advocates bringing food, water, ammunition and picking aiding wounded ... to take them to hospitals. According to historian Joseph Grahit, the same players will be directed to the general Ávarez Castro to constitute an organized body composed of 200 women -with 4 Comandantas; Furthermore Habra Sargentinas 8, and 8 Esquadristas. The members of the Company identified with a red ribbon on the left arm and distributed by several bastions and walls of the city.
Heroines already turned into Santa Barbara become major issue with the revival of history painting in the mid-nineteenth century, both to illustrate episodes of the French war especially sieges Girona-like in appearance portraying women who had survived. Ramon Marti Alsina are devoted two works, The heroines of Girona and The Company of Santa Barbara, in addition to the present-both in his work The great day of Girona in the different sketches and preparatory drawings . There will also be pictures of the stars of the facts, as Mary Angela Bivern or Nouvilas Raimunda, whose portrait present.



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