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New projects for the City History Museum

Girona City Council is considering building a lift to make access to the City History Museum easier from Ballesteries street or from Pujada Sant Feliu. According to the Museum’s Director, Pere Freixas, this would solve the problems faced by first-time visitors to the city in finding the entrance on Força street.

Another project in the pipeline is to add two further facilities to the Museum apart from the Old Quarter building: one in the former Marfà factory in the Santa Eugènia district, and the other in the former Civil-War air-raid shelter built under the Jardí de la Infància gardens. Both would feature public exhibitions on a permanent basis.

All the objects and heavy machinery now housed in the City History Museum’s industrialisation room would be moved to the Marfà building, which has a turbine that can still work using water power. The new Marfà room would occupy some 500 square metres, and would be used to explain how industrialisation affected the city of Girona within Catalonia as a whole during the nineteenth and much of the twentieth centuries. This would leave a major area free in the City History Museum, which could then be devoted to building a venue for events and a small bar. There are similar plans for the underground air-raid shelter under the Jardí de la Infància, where the people of Girona used to seek refuge from the dreaded bombings during the Spanish Civil War.



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