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75th Anniversary Commemoration of the Civil War end

Recommend guided tour the bomb shelter and a route from Girona to Elna through la Jonquera (March 22) in collaboration with MUME.


n 4 February 1939 , Division IV of Navarre and Franco's army legionary troops occupied the city . While Girona began to live under the yoke imposed by the dictatorship, in the regions bordering France that remained of the Army of the Republic even offered drag regime. It was necessary to protect the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people to the line of the border. Finally, the fall in Figueres February 8 indicated that total employment in the Principality was inevitable. Indeed, two days after Franco's troops arrived in the Juncal - Pertús and other border points , and the French authorities decided to close the border. February 13 is the date in which to end the war in Catalonia .

Years working on the recovery of historical memory and heritage , with the recovery of the bomb shelter kindergarten , which can be seen as an extension of the MHG . Since we sell DVDs Hidden underground , which includes a thirty interviews Girona and Girona aged between 4 and 21 during those years. I collaborate with the Museum of Exile Juncal ( MUME ) with the guided - Junquera , Elna Gerona , which will take place on Saturday 22 March, which will emulate the way that thousands of people had to obliged to undertake , seventy - five years.



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