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A guided tour brings the old clock room of the Cathedral

Article tiré d'un article de Paul Esparch Publié le 25 Novembre à Diari de Girona.

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Thirty people were able to walk for the first time by the plants that occupied the mechanical device .
The long period mechanical clock Girona Cathedral can be revived again thanks to a guided tour. The mechanical device was from the late fifteenth century until 1982 , when it changed to an electrical system . The gears that marked the time for centuries moved to Girona History Museum 30 years ago. Where there is still exposed , with three sets of gears that turn the machine so that it touched the quarters and hours .
This room History Museum was the starting point of the tour that the watchmaker Girona , Carles Gonzálex , offered yesterday detailing how the device worked and what changes larg lived decades of his life . However, the incentive came when participants moved to Girona Cathedral to walk in exclusive rooms of the old clock .
Yesterday was the first time they open the doors of plants occupied by the device to a small group of people.



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