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It has died Bep Marques, one of the members of the Group Praxis

Impresor, artist, photographer, agitador cultural, environmentalist, pacifist, one of the founders of the'Democratic Assembly of Artists and excellent person that will miss in the MHG.


The museum recovered the art and the history o the Group Praxis 75, formed by Lluís Bosch Martí and Bep Marquis, with an exhibition two years ago.
The group constituted shortly before the death of the dictator Franco and his activity extended along the eighties of the past century. They characterised by the use of procedures and technicians from the collage and the fotocollage. In his case, the compaginación creative of texts and images becomes an instrument of fight politic and/or of chronicle of the reality.
Bosch Martí and Marques did donation of part of his bottom, one hundred sixty-nine works with thematic related with the city, to the City council of Girona.



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