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The City council of Girona has received a Gothic sculpture

This work is a tank of the family Freixas and will integrate at the bottom of the municipal heritage that custody the Girona History Museum.

The mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont, and representatives of the family Freixas, Anna Maria Freixas and Mauné, M. Àngels Freixas And Capella, and M. Dolors Freixas and Chapel, signed an agreement of cession. The sculpture of alabaster and of dimensions of 79 x 35 x 20 cm and represents the image of the Virgin María of foot with the Boy Jesús. , and saw a tunic that covers him the head. It brings a book to the left hand with the registration “Bird Maria full grace”. The Boy Jesús carries a bird in the left hand, whereas the right has suffered a partial loss and perhaps has disappeared the ball of the world that owed to bring, in accordance with the iconography of Gothic tradition.
The chronology of the sculpture it is necessary to situate it inside the 16th century and in the line of the iconography goticista that keeps alive until very gone in the 17th century in determinate artistic workshops moved away of the main centres of production. The image of the Virgin has a true volumetric italian appearance, with the characteristic folds of the toscany sculpture, and his body describes, however, a line in shape of S that accredits also some vicinity to the French models. It seems that this piece comes from missing building, situated between the corner of the Stone bridge and the Weight of the Straw.



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