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20 creators find in the Coal Cellar

Extracted of an article of Eudald Camps published in the Diari of Girona on 20 April 2013.

It does difficult imagine a more vertiginous trip and realised in reverse sense: all the members d'Art Cluster put in contact thanks to the social networks and, especially, through Facebook, authentic contemporary agora where the culture and the gossip compete by the audiences to the same level (this is his grace more than no his defect). With everything, and here is where begins the vertiginous trip, to any of the founders of the Platform Fresc –Jofre Oliveras and Cristina Lliurat– seemed them that it could be interesting materialise the cloud of relations that deployed in the iconosfera virtual by means of a publication and a collective exhibition in the Room Coal Cellar and in the Cistern of theGirona'sHistory Museum. They present the works of a veintena long of creators of almost all the disciplines.



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