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My shelter under earth

Extracted of the article of Pius Pujades of The Punt Avuiof 11 February 2013.


Few can remember, luckily, but the shelters that the Museum of History recovers in several places of the city-the first was the one of the Garden of the Infancy-allow to have memory of when the aeroplanes planned by the sky of Girona with the malevolent intention to download his deadly load on the atemorizados people. It does some days, presented the documentary Hid under earth, of the realizador Quim Paredes and the historian Jaume Prat. It was in the Municipal, full, with the mayor in the first place and many of the witnesses that take part in the film present in the platea. Some were not to time, to some age, the step of the days is inexorable.
It is necessary to congratulate the managers with Pere Freixas in front. They have done, each in his place, a good work. If you have opportunity, is worthwhile that you listen the witnesses that the documentary has gathered. They are the cuts of our history, very alive. When going out of the Municipal remembered that, just beside house, in the current walk Was Wall, before street of Capuchinos, after any of the bombs sank a pair of houses, did also a shelter. I then had less than a year, but to slopes of my mother found receive more than once, when the danger was imminent. The shelter was not official. It had dug it to beak and shovel, a prime neighbouring ours that called Pere Dillet. It penetrated in the heart of the mountain from near of house.



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