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The capgrossos have restored and will present with a walk and an act in the MHCG

The Citizen and the Beneta of the Strength, the Mercader and l'Argentera, the Merdisser and the Ladybird of the Cabbages, Ballester and the Pericota and the Esquivamosques are the nine figures of the comparsa that designed Joaquim Pla and Dalmau in 1963.

The new comparsa is linked somewhere of Girona. They are built according to the designs that contain the plates in colour that edits Joaquim Pla coinciding with his première on 13 June 1963 during the procession of Corpus.
They group in four couples and one only, the Esquivamoscas. Each figure is a small cata of the past of the city and is linked somewhere of our city. The current restoration has done it The Small Dragon of Terrassa and the dresses that reproduce the originals have been made by Núria Brengueret and Josefina Valverde.
The City council of Girona, in the frame of the Fairs of Santo Narciso 2012, invites you to participate in the party of presentation of these nine figures next Saturday 27 October, to the five of the afternoon, strolling by the streets that give them name of the old Strength. The activity driven by the Fal·lera Gerundense will begin in the square of the Cathedral. Later, it will go in to the Museum of History of the Ciutat, where will receive them the mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont, that will inform that these nine figures will be received in this municipal equipment the next year.



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