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For the first time can access the bomb shelter that is in the Plaza Poeta Marquina

In the guided tour of "passive defense in Girona during the Civil War", organized by the MHCG.

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For three years, this program equipment shelters on specific routes and other elements of passive defense as barricades and trenches, which were set to be built or newly built, some finished and others without end, for individuals and groups, where the population is protected from Girona of air strikes that threatened, during the Civil War (1936-1939), which were the result of passive defense policy launched by the City Council city, the Generalitat of Catalonia and the same citizenship. Copyright information Jaume Prat and have a comprehensive research work on the historical memory of this heritage, which has allowed these sites to locate and catalog are distributed by underground Girona, soon to be published, and have collected testimonies from citizens.
This shelter was designed by the architect Josep Claret Rovira, was built during the second half of 1938. He was the youngest of three new plants were built in the city of Bernardes and the Children's Garden-. Its 263.06 m² (150.09 m² of which were only useful) afforded a capacity of over 250 people. Apart from the stored water, about 15 cm. - Because of leaks, the current state of the refuge is very good due to the excellent construction technique used which gave a great strength.



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