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Donation by Grup Praxis 75

Girona City Council has received a donation by Grup Praxis 75 members Lluís Bosch Martí and Bep Marquès of part of their fonds, more specifically of one hundred and sixty-nine works, on subjects related to the city, destined for Girona City History Museum art collection.

Over twenty years after the dissolution of Grup Praxis 75, the Grup Praxis 75 (1975-1990). A Communications Guerrilla has contributed to recovering the historiographical memory of the group. This fresh perspective now enables us to appreciate the indubitable historical importance of Grup Praxis 75. The group constituted a link between the artistic protest movements of the nineteen-sixties and the socially-aware manifestations of the nineteen-nineties, while connecting up with critical art practices on the international scene of their time. Grup Praxis' work evolved outside the prevailing art tendencies, in a way that was deeply rooted in their social and cultural context. Today, there is new relevance of many of these 20-year old issues, such as the progressive impoverishment of large segments of the population under the current socio-economic model and the discredit of politics for failing to provide solutions for collective needs, the very same issues that led Grup Praxis to adopt Antonio Gramsci's maxim of «pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will».
The exhibition closed on Sunday 12 February, having received 3104 visitors, and was complemented by a programme of workshops and conducted visits. The Museum also organised a round table discussion bringing together leading figures from the social and political movements of the nineteen-seventies and eighties in Girona.



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