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Three art exhibitions to be inaugurated in close succession at the MHCG this autumn

Space of Silence in the Contemporary Space, Grup Praxis 75 (1975-1990). A Communications Guerrilla in the exhibition room, and The Sorrow of Souls, in the Coal Cellar and Cistern rooms.

Girona City History Museum is to exhibit a series of works inviting us to review the history of artistic creativity in Girona in the 20th and early 21st century. Space of Silence brings together several generations of outstanding contemporary artists who explore and contrast visions of inner space and solitude. In The Sorrow of Souls, Eugeni Penalva's stoneware figures express the disquiet and uncertainty of the present times. Grup Praxis 75 (1975-1990). A Communications Guerrilla is the fruit of research into the history of Grup Praxis 75, and offers an ironic, provocative counterpoint with its scathing critique of Girona politics and society during that period. The two members of the group, Lluís Bosch Martí and Bep Marquès, came together shortly before the death of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, in a context of growing mobilisation against the totalitarian regime. Their work contained a mixture of popular culture and highbrow art, and was characterised by their creative combination of texts and images used as instruments of the political and ideological struggle and as an ironic or sarcastic account of the reality of their times


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