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Exhibition closed on September 12th and 15th

Due to the filming of Game of Thrones, the exhibition Girona als ulls de les viatgeres will be closed on 12 and 15 September. We apologize for the inconvenience this closing may have.







Mercè Huerta has died

Mercè Huertta left her mark through her art, but also through her person and her humanity.


Today is the 121st anniversary of the birth of Fidel Aguilar

On 20 July 1894 the sculptor Fidel Aguilar (Girona, 1894-1917) was born in Girona. Since 1983, the Museum of History has a space dedicated to this artist. Girona.


It has submitted the winning project of the Beca Lluís Batlle and Prats

An unpublished study of the water in the preindustrial Girona by Albert Reixach wins the first edition of the scholarship of historical research Lluís Batlle and Prats.


The cobla and the sardana, Music and dances in Girona

The museum presents the new space dedicated to the close relationship between the city and the Sardana.


The Queen of Girona travels to Belgium

The giant of Girona, the queen, has travelled today to Ath, Belgium, where it will be exhibited from 3 July until 15 September.


Inaugurated the exhibition of the Milestone Project in Coal cellar

The festival of urban art, thought and action has opened an exhibition in the coal and cistern Girona History Museum until 27 June.


The first tourists arrive

Today at 7pm, Girona History Museum will presented the first tourists who discovered the city, in the exhibition Girona though the eyes of women travellers (19th and 20th centuries).


Girona History Museum shows two exhibition of Inund'Art

At the coal cellar we found intimate universes < i> by Mercè Ribera and in the cistern Bodies Antoni Madueño.


Continue itineraries by modern Girona

Still to do three tours on Saturday May 30, 13 June and 27 June at 11am.


It is the 125th anniversary of the birth of artist Ricard Guinó

You can see a sample of his work at the Girona History Museum.


A new success for assistance with Girona Flower Time

60 years of this great event that continues an upward trend were met. Visitor numbers show that again exceeded the previous year.



Last days of Girona in the modern times: from workshop to military stronghold (16th-18 th centuries)

The exhibition has received 3,306 visitors during the six-month and has had to extend until May 17.


Arrive, Girona flower time

Eight areas of Girona History Museum hosting spectacular floral installations in this year, which will celebrate the 60th anniversary.


The cobla and the sardana. Music and dances in Girona

The museum presents the new space dedicated to the close relationship between the city and the Sardana.



Lídia Pujol acted in the Girona History Museum

The singer attracted 80 people, on April 6, on the terrace of the Museum.


A conference talks about the origins of Girona

Dr Narcís Soler will talk today (20h) of the origin of the inhabitants of Kerunta Gerunda and, in the period from the age of metals.


The museum shows A sculpture of Miquel Palol work of sculptor Ricardo Guinó

The work has been given by the famila Palol to the City of Girona, bound to dedicated rooms modernism and novecentismo of the Museum.


The museum participated in the Conference on Teaching of Classical Languages

The museum presented the new rooms of Roman Girona, with gorgeous mosaic Can Pau Birol and associated pedagogical offer.


Today begins a series of lectures on Charlemagne

Charlemagne: the profile of the character and the Europe of his time with José María Salrach, at 19h, in the Carles Rahola library.


The giantess travels to Ath

The History Museum of Girona participate this summer in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Giantess in Ath, Belgium.


Girona and the sardana

The museum presents the new space dedicated to the close relationship between the city and the Sardana.


The catalog Girona city from the sixteenth to eighteenth on sale

Contains extensive texts of content that can be seen in theaters in a friendly format and at a very affordable price 3 euros.


Girona City Council and Girona's Studies Institute drive historical reserarch scholarship Lluís Batlle Prats

The initiative is part of the joint actions that both institutions undertake this in 2015 under the agreement reached by the History Museum of Girona.


The last breath of Baroque

The fourth session of cycle routes by modern Girona has led us to know the Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Servite order in our city.


Continue successful tours of the modern Girona

Thirty people enjoyed the route to St. Martin and Sacosta Agullana house. A privilege to access the inside, thanks to the current owners.


Fina Miralles performance in the Coal Cellar and cistern

One of the pioneering artists of the art of action, February 7 (20h), under the FEM Festival.


Successfully continuing walking guided tours by modern Girona

Sleeps out for Saturday's itinerary.


Today is the School Day of Non-violence and Peace,

The war seen by a child from Girona in 1937.


Today died the Girona sculptor Paco Torres Monsó at 92

The artist received several awards, the latest National Cultural Award for Visual Arts in 2013



New public know the museum spaces with Girona 10

1,500 people visited Girona History Museum with Girona10, 82% did so for the first time.


Visit the museum with Girona10

With the fourth edition of Girona10 that will take place the days 23, 24 and 25 January, museums opened more hours and will be free.


Forthcoming opening of the Old Santa Caterina's Hospital

On weekends and holidays from 11-13 h, starting February 1, you can visit a unique and great example of a hospital pharmacy.


The History Museum turns 55 today

On January 8, 1960 the municipal council of Girona approved its creation.


Discounts in the Museum for the Girona club culture members

With the general cultural card have 50% discount on entry to the museum. And in the case of citizens of Girona Free entrance (which also apply to holders of the card cultural Girona 16 to 25 years).


A glass of Maso in the new Design Museum of Barcelona

The History Museum of Girona has yielded a large glass tank Rafael Maso the new Design Museum of Barcelona which opens in the new Sunday 14 December.


Walking tours by Modern Girona

Eleven themed tours will experience another historyt, and let ourselves be seduced by Girona Baroque cultural heritage preserved.


Special hours this Christmas

Enjoy a tour of the city's history, from Roman times to the transition.


The new Design Museum of Barcelona will present a showcase of Maso loan from Girona History Museum

The work has been given ten years thanks to a deposit agreement between the City Council of Girona and Barcelona Institute of Culture.


109 years ago today, the birth of the historian and archivist Luis Batlle and Prats

Author of numerous works on historical topics about Girona and founder of the Institute for Studies from Girona.


Today ends the cycle of conferences on the Girona Baroque

The cycle ends with the talk about Josep Pujol Music and sound urban Girona Baroque.


The Third Conference Girona Baroque Cycle

The lecture series is held Wednesdays this month of November, at the Municipal School of Humanities linked to the Museum's current exhibition.


19th Science Week

The celebration will be held from 14 to 23 November.


The second lecture of the series Girona Baroque

As every Wednesday this November, this activity is carried out by the Municipal School of Humanities linked to the exhibition The Girona modern times: from the bastion to the workshop (XVI-XVIII ) .


Big crowds at fairs

The History Museum Girona has received 1,792 visitors during the ten-day celebration of the fairs of Sant Narcís.


You can visit the Agency Gomez

Before being the headquarters of the Agency Gomez, building street Citizens had received three different units: attorney file a banking office and later the Notary Saguer.


Good reception of the exhibition The City Hall: six hundred years of history

At the open day of the feast of Saint Narcissus in the City could be visiting the exhibition organized by the Municipal Archives and History Museum.


Today opens Girona in modern times

At 12:30 pm the opening ceremony will take place this temporary exhibition.


It ends with the successful route to Girona sinful

About fifty people followed the walk through the urban geography of the old Chinatown Girona, headed by Gerard Bagué, last Saturday.


Girona City Council signed a collaboration agreement with the Institute of Girona

The agreement aims to deepen joint work of the two institutions in the field of history and culture in our city.


New additions to the collection

Following Girona and the Sardana, curated by Louis Brugué, the donations we have received to expose in the room dedicated to the sardana.


Successful participation in the activities of the weekend

485 people visit the museum during the European Heritage Days in Catalonia, held on 27 and 28 September.



New educational resources for the course 2014-2015

Start the new school year with lots of activities for all educational cycles to do in the Museum of History of Girona.



The painting of Raimunda Nouvilas de Pagès, famous Santa Barbara's heroine joins the collection

She was the Major of second squadron of the Company, called the Conception, which was tasked to assist the defenses Figuerola and Santa Creu, and the stretch of wall that separated them.


The History Museum presents dramatized tour of Girona night The mysterious voice of the old building

The activity carried out by the company Debòlit theater, will take place every Tuesday in August at 10pm. And we will live in a funny episode of local history, this time linked to the Capuchin community that inhabited the building for over two hundred years ago.


Presented XMHcat Network

The event which will be announced actions to be done and the next actuacionses will be tomorrow at 12 am at the History Museum of Catalonia.


A new collection recovers the memory of Girona composers

The collection of verse Fonoteca de Cobla of Cobla Ciutat de Girona begins with a tribute to Francis Escosa Perich, on the centenary of his death.


The Undàrius passes successfully through the Museum of the History of Girona

Activities yesterday morning had a big share of people.


Undàrius Festival Sunday at MHG

New festival of traditional and popular culture of Girona.



Presented Medieval Girona, the key of the kingdom

This publication reflects the history of the city between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.


312 years ago, it appeared a new troupe

The year 1702 was presented to the Corpus Christi procession a new troupe that joined to the giants, the eagle and the two dragons: the Mule.


The mysterious voice of the old building

We propose you on Tuesdays of August(22h) know the past of the big house that it has been witness of the historical, social and urban transformation of the city, with Debòlit theatre.


Presentation of the book medieval Girona. The key to the kingdom

The event will take place in the cloister of MHG on June 17 at 8 pm.


Celebrating the International Day of the Sardana

A clarinet quartet and a combo group performing two Sardana.


The Coral Àkan acts under the Symphonic Festival

On 7th of June organized 130 concerts simultaneous and free in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.


The MHG tenth most visited museum in Catalonia last year

With 232,727 visits, the MHG is the second museum of Girona list.


Success of the 59th exhibition of the Girona Flower Time

The Girona History Museum Girona has received 146,308 visitors in nine days. 22,933 more than last year.


Girona and the Sardana with Lluís Brugués

Guided tour of the temporary exhibition and to the dedicated the song to Sardana and, as part of International Museum Day.


A museum in the shop

The museums will offer a unique journey through windows of shops emblematic of Girona in which two objects exhibited his collection.


A new tour of Girona prohibited

The MHG gets the memory of "Chinatown," a walk through the old urban geography of prostitution premises, which will be on 31 May.


Opening Girona Sardana

Curated by Lluís Brugués Agustí, will be open until September 28 and will be accompanied by a varied program of free activities ranging from guided tours to four musical performances and a panel discussion.


We play history

A new proposal by MHG approach of fun in our history.


Success fantastic tour of Girona

On Saturday April 5 Olga Cercós guided us in a journey through the fantastic characters and the popular imagination of Girona.


Lectures on the history of the clock of the Cathedral of Girona

Five centuries of history to this watch, its operation and technical characteristics of the hand of Carlos Gonzalez.


Success of the commemorative Girona- la Jonquera- Elna

More than a hundred people of all ages enjoyed the day dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the beginning of exile.


The death of an immortal

Extracted from an article by Narcís-Jordi Aragó El Punt Avui March 10, 2013.


75th Anniversary Commemoration of the Civil War end

Recommend guided tour the bomb shelter and a route from Girona to Elna through la Jonquera (March 22) in collaboration with MUME.


Around Prudence Bertrana

A small exhibition organized by MHG with the collaboration of the Municipal Archives and the Casa Maso, in the Municipal Theatre.



Almost one thousand people visit us with Girona10

New audiences come to know the history of the city and its unique spaces.


Farándula. 500 years of festive imagery of Girona

Ramon Grau and Nuxu Perpinyà present this book on January 24 at 19 pm.


Discover MHG with Girona10

Saturday 25 January from 10am to 20pm and Sunday 26 January from 10am to 19pm.


In selling the DVD Hidden underground

A great gift for the holidays, available at the Museum shop for 6 euros.


Medieval fighting in MHG

Friday 27 December Casus Bellic recreate fighting with different weapons and armor from the late fourteenth century.


Change the day of the conference Joaquim Nadal

The conference scheduled for December 13 will take place on January 17, 2014 at 20pm in the auditorium Josep Irla.


Great reception in the route of MHG markets of medieval Girona

As part of a temporary exhibition that is displaying the MHG offered a guided tour with many surprises.


Proposed to connect the Pastors house with Girona History Museum

Excerpt from an article by Joan Ventura Diari El Punt Avui on Wednesday November 27.


Josep Maria Corredor. From house to Europ in MUME

The exhibition can be seen at Exile Memorial Museum (MUME), the Juncal 30 November 2013 to 12 January 2014.


A guided tour brings the old clock room of the Cathedral

Article tiré d'un article de Paul Esparch Publié le 25 Novembre à Diari de Girona.


Great success at the conference on the Chronograph

Carlos Gonzalez has managed to convey a number of people passion for watches.


The collaborates with MHG 620a Fair St. Andrew

From November 30 to December 1 Torroella celebrates one of the oldest celebrations in Catalonia.


Fully booked for the two activities Science Week

A conference on the chronograph clock and a guided visit to the cathedral in the hands of Carlos Gonzalez.



Girona retreats to his mediaeval past

The exhibition The mediaeval Girona. The key of the realm has inaugurated today in the Museum of History of Girona accompanied of historical recreations.


New roman Girona?s rooms

In the frame of the fairs of Sant Narcïs already can visit these two rooms remodelled of the permanent collection.


The symbols of the government of the city

An exhibition of the Girona History Museum can be visited the 29th october, in the room Renart of the City council of Girona, from 11 to 18h.


Success of public to the walked that sacked the exhibition “Farándula

Hundreds of people participated to the act of closure of the past Sunday.


It has died Bep Marques, one of the members of the Group Praxis

Impresor, artist, photographer, agitador cultural, environmentalist, pacifist, one of the founders of the'Democratic Assembly of Artists and excellent person that will miss in the MHG.


Works of the municipal art collection exhibit to the UdG

The City council of Girona and the Universitat of Girona have signed an agreement by the temporary cession of a group of twenty works of art.


Last weekend of September full of activities

The MHG participates in the acts of New Culture of Oncolliga Girona and in the European Days of the Heritage in Catalonia.


Change in the direction of the Girona History Museum

Sívia Planas replaces Pere Freixas as the new director of the Museum.


A lot of educational proposals to come to do during the course 2013-2014, in the Girona City History Museum.


Already they have begun the theatrical visits at night

A classical of our programming and of the offer of activities of the city, from does 14 years.


Recital: An own house in the world

A good way of discover to Josep Maria Runner, today to the 8 of the afternoon, in the cloister of the MHG.


The divine space in the ancient convent of Sant Antoni

Music and gastronomy in the courtyard of the Museum of History of Girona.


Three villages inside a city

Extract of an article of The Punt Avui of the day 12 June 2013.


Girona will celebrate the One thousand years of the Monastery of Sant Daniel

Extract of an article of the Diari de Girona of the day 11 June 2013.


We have painted eight cabezudos white

In the process of preparation of the exhibition "Farándula. 500 years of festive imagery" appeared these figures of uncertain origin, that have painted in a familiar workshop today.


An activity shows us the backstage characters of the Farándula

The Saturday 1 June, the members of the Fal·lera Gironina discovered us the secrets to organise a "pasacalle".


Success of public to the pasacalle of the

Another way to know the history of the city, from the most popular slope, through the nine figures of this comparsa.


Saturday 25 May stroll with the cabezudos of Girona

Official presentation of these nine figures in a route by the streets of the ancient helmet that give them name that will finish with a dance.


The Farándula in 3 D

We recommend the virtual visit to the exhibition Farándula. 500 years of festive imagery of Girona of the MHG.


Indispensable floral installations in several spaces of the ancient convent of Sant Antoni

The exhibition Girona, time of flowers arrives to the 58to edition with more settings and floral samples and indispensable spaces that find in the MHG.


The City History Museum of Girona devoted a day to the copla and his instruments

On 27 April they discovered the origins gerundenses of the Catalan traditional dance, the sardana.


The MHG stands out the exhibition Josep Maria Corredor in the celebration of the Day of Europe

Key figure of the exile north- catalan and solid witness of a modern catalanism, republican and europeísta convinced. It asks the training of a Catalan association pro-European federalism, in 1948.


The City council of Girona has received a Gothic sculpture

This work is a tank of the family Freixas and will integrate at the bottom of the municipal heritage that custody the Girona History Museum.


Inaugurated the exhibition “Farándula. 500 years years of festive imagery of Girona

A pasacalle with the giants of Fal·lera Gironina has preceded the inaugural act.


20 creators find in the Coal Cellar

Extracted of an article of Eudald Camps published in the Diari of Girona on 20 April 2013.


The Catalan teachers in the exile during the Civil War and the Franco regime

The donation of the Bottom Salomó Marquis to the Library of the UdG coincides with the sample "Josep Maria Corredor. From house to Europe."


The J M Corredor no known

Extracted of the article of Narcís-Jordi Aragó to The Punt Avui of 8 April 2013.


The exhibitions of the Year Corredor showed in the MHG

One hundred years after his birth in Girona and thirty-two after his death in Perpiñán, Josep M. Corredor goes back home.


It begins the remodelación of the stable rooms

This week have begun the works of remodelación of the rooms devoted to the roman Girona, specifically, the ones of the room 3, where there was a maqueta with the road network.


It closes successfully the sample Parva Gerunda. The roman Girona

The sample has received 5 859 visitors.


This Easter come to paint your manaia

The Manaia and the Vesta are two basic elements of the procession of the Saint Burial of the Saint Friday in Girona


A sculpture of Torres Monsó travels to Paris

The sculpture the Cage, of the year 1995, will exhibit in a sample devoted to the artist gerundense that it will do in the Centre of Catalan Studies.


Parva Gerunda

Extracted of the article of Miquel Fanyanàs to El Punt Avui , on 8 February 2013


Cancelled the visit guided and the workshop of creation of mosaic

In front of the forecasts metereològiques the activity that was programmed for 23 February, to the 10.30 h, will carry out more advance and in brief will inform you of the next date chosen.


My shelter under earth

Extracted of the article of Pius Pujades of The Punt Avuiof 11 February 2013.


The cold passion of the exile

Extracted of the article of Eva Vázquez of the supplement Culture of The Punt Avuiof 15 February 2013.


Presentation of Hid under earth. Witnesses of the Civil War in Girona, by Quim Paredes and Jaume Prat

The projection of the documentary that collects the witnesses of a treintena of people will take place the Friday 1 February, to the 19h, to the Municipal Theatre.


The Museum of Historyparticipated in the Girona10

614 people visited the museum and the temporary exhibition of free way.


Parva Gerunda. The roman Girona lengthens

Because of the success of this temporary sample, that already have visited 3 210 people, the period of exhibition lengthens until 1 April.


The museum changes of name and of schedules from January

From the Wednesday day 2 January of 2013, will call Museum of History of Girona (MHG) and will open his doors with a schedule interrupted.


We recommend you visit the three exhibitions of the MHG these days

Parva Gerunda. The Roman Girona, Profiles compared and 29th exhibition of Christmas cribs.


Parva Gerunda. The roman Girona in family

The month of December begins with familiar mornings that approach by means of diverse workshops the roman legacy of Girona.


It closes the Week of the Science

A hundred of people have participated in the two activities that programmed to the MHCG inside the Week of the Science in Catalonia


A roman Saturday

Some artists of all the ages.


Special programming Week of the Science in the MHCG

In the frame of the celebration of the 17to edition the next Sundays 18 and 25 November have programmed a conference and a visit commented free.


Big answer of public to the two proposals of itineraries of the MHCG

Almost two hundred people participated in these two activities that put in value the natural heritage, historical and patrimonial gerundense. That they added to the big party of the heritage the Saturday 10 November, with the Days Living heritageen the House of Culture.


Gironamuseus Redoes his image and premières new web

The network groups the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia, the Museum of Art of Girona, the Museum of History of the Ciutat, the Museum of History of the Jewish, the Museum of the Cinema and the House Masó.


The activities of Parva Gerunda in the programming of Linving Heritage

The activities adhere to the days #Living Heritage! It lives the research in cultural heritage, an initiative to promote the research in cultural heritage and his utilities.


Big influx of visitors to the museum these fairs

The rain forced to cancel the strolled with the cabezudos but the rest of acts programmed could carry out successfully of assistance.


They do not lose the activities of Parva Gerunda. The roman Girona

Sample that can visit until 17 February 2013.


It has cancelled the pasacalle of the cabezudos of the city

The rain of last hour has caused that it postpone the strolled of the new figures.


Success of the microteatre in the MHCG by fairs

This morning almost a hundred of people have enjoyed with the theatre by adults.


The exhibition Parva Gerunda inaugurates by Saint Narciso

We approximate us to the first centuries of the history of the city and will know as it was the daily life of a roman citizen in this exhibition that will go accompanied of a varied programming of activities that will realise also in other municipal spaces.


The microteatro returns during the fairs

The work In this room, of Ramón Perera will go back to represent the Saturday 27 October in the morning.


The capgrossos have restored and will present with a walk and an act in the MHCG

The Citizen and the Beneta of the Strength, the Mercader and l'Argentera, the Merdisser and the Ladybird of the Cabbages, Ballester and the Pericota and the Esquivamosques are the nine figures of the comparsa that designed Joaquim Pla and Dalmau in 1963.


They have disassembled the rooms of roman period

It has begun the transfer of the majority of pieces to the room of exhibitions by the setting of the sample "Parva Gerunda. The roman Girona".


New schedules by fairs

The days 29 October, 1 November and 4 November the schedule of the museum and the exhibitions will be of 10 to 2 and of 5 to 7.


It opens to the public Rámlah. Dialogues between past and present

From 16 to 28 October, in the coal cellar of the MHCG.


The School Bell-lloc does donation of three fragments of pertinent mosaic of can Pau Birol

Miquel Riera and Casadevall, director of this school has yielded to the City council of Girona with destination to the Museum of History of the City, these geometrical colours fragments of the mosaic of Bell-lloc of the Pla.


Presentation of the didactic dossier of the exhibition bombarded Catalonia

10 October, to the 19 h, in the room of acts of the Departament d'Ensenyament Via Augusta, 202, of Barcelona.


350 people have visited the Blue installation

Of Eloi Maduell, Santi Posada and Santi Vilanova in the frame of the International Festival of Video and Digital Arts (VAD 1.0)


Opening of the VAD 1.0

International festival of video and digital arts of the 4 to 11 October in Girona.


The MHCG collaborated with the JEPC

Big influx of visits to the MHCG the weekend of the European Days of the Heritage.


The exhibition Catalonia bombed continues his itinerancia

The sample received 16 048 visits in his stay to the carbonera of the MHCG of 7 August to 11 September.


Special European Days of the Heritage in Catalonia

The Saturday 29 September the MHCG opens his doors and the Sunday 30 September (11 h) will discover new antiaircraft shelters by the subsoil gerundense.


Les habaneras et sardanas de Xavier Montsalvatge protagonistes dans le musée cet été

The program the Audible of Tv3 issues a report on the work of Xavier Montsalvatge recorded to the MHCG.



The Museum of History of the Ciutat of Girona is one of the members of the Network of Museums of History and monuments of Catalonia.


The entire anthology of Montsalvatge's sardanes is presented

The Band of the la Principal de la Bisbal will perform on Thursday, July 12, at 7 pm in the Mercé Auditorium.


Historical aspects and significance of national and international bombing in Catalonia Montjuïc Castle

We recommend this conference by the historians John Villarroya and Josep Maria Solé.


The FITAG will represent some of his works at MHCG

The festival will premiere a daily morning stretch in six areas of the former convent of Sant Antoni.


Party 'Som Cohesió'

The History Museum of the City collaborates with the initiative of Omnium Cultural.


Walk to the quarry with Jaume Prat

The route follows the traces left by the community of Capuchin friars in the city.


Last days of exposure of Grau-Garriga

The exhibition has been seen by 25.050 people


Girona has received 51,840 visits during Temps de Flors

Of the 97,000 people who visited Temps de Flors, 51,840 went to this museum.


New member to the Heritage Commission

The director of the City History Museum History, Pere Freixas, has been incorporated to the Heritage Commission of the Province.


A hundred of persons took part in the Walk along the Quarries

The route traced the imprint left by the community of Capuchin friars in the city, with amazing spaces that are preserved under the mountain.


Exhibition from Santiago Sobrequés in Barcelona

The History Museum of Catalonia inaugurates the exhibition Santiago Sobrequés and Vidal, open until 24 June.


For the first time can access the bomb shelter that is in the Plaza Poeta Marquina

In the guided tour of "passive defense in Girona during the Civil War", organized by the MHCG.


With the train reached modernity

On January 26, 1862 the first train arrived in the city of Girona.


La Marfà

One hundred and eighty-one years of yarn manufacturing in Santa Eugènia de Ter.


Donation by Grup Praxis 75

Girona City Council has received a donation by Grup Praxis 75 members Lluís Bosch Martí and Bep Marquès of part of their fonds, more specifically of one hundred and sixty-nine works, on subjects related to the city, destined for Girona City History Museum art collection.


New honour for Grup Praxis 75 exhibition

The Catalan Art Critics' Association has short-listed Grup Praxis 75 (1975-1990): A Communications Guerrilla curated by Narcís Selles, for the prize as the best Catalan historical research exhibition.


Grup Praxis 75 receives bonart prize

Grup Praxis 75 members Lluís Bosch Martí and Bep Marquès are among the prize-winners at the third edition of the bonart magazine awards.


Girona City History Museum received 1225 Open Day visitors on 14 and 15 January

As part of Girona10 campaign, the museum waived all admission fees over the weekend and opened Jardí de la Infància air-raid shelter to the public. 389 persons visited the museum, 241 persons visited the temporary exhibition, and 595 persons visited the air-raid shelter. 389 persons visited the museum, 241 persons visited the temporary exhibition, and 595 persons visited the air-raid shelter.


Forthcoming première of Aeròdrom 311 documentary

A showing of Aeròdrom 311, a documentary on the former Celrà aerodrome (or “airfield”), will take place at the Ateneu in Celrà on 30 December at 8.30pm. The 40-minute film was made by Quim Paredes, a regular collaborator of Girona City History Museum.


Girona City History Museum joins in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Centre for the Restoration of Moveable Cultural Property of Catalonia

On 18 May 2012, the City History Museum will present the history of the original Angel of Girona Cathedral, restored by the CRBMC in 1997 and currently displayed in our Modern Girona room.


Successful 4th Nature and Culture walk reveals unknown heritage in Les Pedreres district

The walk organised by Les Pedreres - Fora Muralla Residents' Association with the support of Girona City Council on Sunday 20 November revealed hidden corners of great beauty in Les Pedreres district, unfamiliar despite their proximity to the city.


4th Girona History Conference dedicated to the Baroque era

Conference to be held on 24, 25 and 26 November.


Three art exhibitions to be inaugurated in close succession at the MHCG this autumn

Space of Silence in the Contemporary Space, Grup Praxis 75 (1975-1990). A Communications Guerrilla in the exhibition room, and The Sorrow of Souls, in the Coal Cellar and Cistern rooms.



Tapestry by Francine Lambert recently donated by Odile Armand to Municipal Art Collection.


Summer at the Girona City History Museum

The Girona City History Museum invites you to participate in a varied programme of events that includes dramatised visits to discover the building's past, a visit to the Jardí de la Infància air-raid shelter (which has extended opening hours in summer), and four temporary exhibitions in which the city and its inhabitants take centre stage.


The Museum of History of the City exposes the preparatory painting Girona's Great Day by Ramon Martí Alsina

The National Museum of Art of Catalonia has yielded in deposit to the Ayuntament of Girona this preparatory painting for the picture Girona's Great Day that incorporates to the permanent room devoted to the Peninsular War.


New display case on Antoni Varés

From this week onwards, Girona City History Museum Room 13 boasts a new display case dedicated to Antoni Varés and his major contributions to photography and the world of image.


Over 80,000 visitors during Flower Show

Over 80,000 persons visited Girona City History Museum during Girona Flower Time (7-15 May). The busiest day was Sunday 8 May, with 17,065 visitors.


New painting by Jesús Portas at History Museum

Girona City History Museum has recently added a painting by Jesús Portas (Girona, 1917-1991) to its permanent collection. Girona from Sant Daniel, from the artist's first period, will be on display in the Celler Room this summer, from this week until 11 September.


Large public attendance at event

On Sunday 6 February, the temporary exhibition Carles Vivó: A Life of Many Paths closed with a family event at which the legends and giants of Girona took centre stage.


The way we were

An excerpt from an editorial by Joan Ribas published on 23 January of this year in the section La Contra of the newspaper El Punt.


What do you know about Faixó and Llucià?

Espai Volart is presenting this exhibition on Joaquim Llucià and Jaume Faixó, under the curatorship of Glòria Bosch and Susanna Portell, until 25 June of this year.


One presents the bottom of contemporary municipal art

In the firm belief that such a collection only makes sense when known and appreciated by the local community, the City Council is setting up a project by which we hope to further public acquaintance with the works and the artists herein represented.


Travelling exhibition on the Peninsular War

City History Museum to organise travelling exhibition on historical event for Girona community centres.


Carles Vivó's giant and giantess celebrate their 25th anniversary

Charlemagne and Anna Gironella preside over the entrance to the City History Museum exhibition in honour of their creator Carles Vivó.


Girona dignifies mass grave and places information panel at former provincial prison

With the support of the Democratic Memorial, Girona city has dignified the mass grave in the old municipal cemetery and placed an information panel at the former provincial prison in the Diocesan Seminary


Girona City History Museum part of the History Museum Network of Catalonia

The agreement to set up the History Museum and Monument Network of Catalonia was signed on 21 October last.


The sardana now listed in Catalogue of the Festive Heritage of Catalonia

The Catalan Government has declared the sardana to be a heritage festive element of national interest.


A new air-raid shelter has been discovered in the garden of the Girona Municipal School of Music

This latest find is a magnificent and unique example of a purpose-built tunnel-style air-raid shelter in this city, and is very different to the popular cellular-style air-raid shelter located in the Jardí de la Infància.


First Santiago Sobrequés i Vidal History Prize

The prize will be given for research on the history of Catalonia.


A Civil War air-raid shelter discovered in a private house of Girona

Ca la Cecília air-raid shelter was carved out of the mountainside in the shape of a mine gallery. Built in solid brick and measuring 5.33 m in length and 2.20 m at its highest point, the cavity could hold 16 persons. The shelter had an electric light system, and an emergency exit through a vertical flue which also provided ventilation.


The City History Museum displays an Orihuel painting in its permanent collection

the City History Museum has received the posthumous donation by Ms. Enriqueta Camps Martorell.


Jaume Prat presents his book Urgent Summary Court-Martial 1643. The Spanish Civil War and the Clarà (i Piñol) Brothers

This book is the result of an investigation carried out by Jaume Prat to shed light on the execution by firing squad of his grandfather, Jordano Pons Tomàs


Experience history in a different way this summer

The City History Museum proposes diverse activities to experience Girona's history this summer


Jardí d'Infància air-raid shelter converted into a new room of the City History Museum

The Jardí d'Infància air-raid shelter was officially inaugurated as a new museum space by Anna Pagans, Mayor of Girona, and Joan Boada, Secretary General of the Catalan Ministry of Home Affairs, Institutional Relations and Participation, on May 20 at 11.30am.


Girona City Council re-opens, twenty years later, the air-raid shelter on Plaça del Carril (now Plaça del Poeta Marquina)

Girona City Council has re-opened the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) air-raid shelter located under the children's playground on Plaça del Poeta Marquina, twenty years after it was briefly opened up for the first time in July 1990.


Civil War passive defence network in Girona arouses much interest

On Sunday 2 May, over thirty persons took part in a guided walk around the passive defence elements (barricades, trenches and shelters) built in Girona during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), as one of the «Walk through History» itineraries organised by the City History Museum.


Girona City History Museum presents Stroll around the Districts

The new programme started off on Sunday 25 April with a very well-attended walk around Santa Eugènia district.


Sopra e sotto la città europea (Above and Underneath the European city) EU project concluded

On 12 and 13 March, Brindisi (Italy) hosted the closing ceremony of the European cultural project promoted by the cities of Girona, Toulouse and Brindisi.


The Museum takes part in Vicens Vives Year

Vicens Vives Year was officially launched on 10th February at the Palau de la Generalitat, seat of the Government of Catalonia. The event celebrates the centenary of the birth of this historian who declared that history liberates and that the new approach to history is and will be the liberation of our spirit.


Virtual visit to the exhibition Girona and France. Times of War and Peace, 1659-1939

The City History Museum is setting up a new online space dedicated to virtual exhibitions in order to provide Internet users with access to the history of Girona through the Museum website. The first virtual visit is an adaptation of the exhibition Girona and France. Times of War and Peace, 1659-1939, available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.


Technology enables us to follow the seven-month siege of 1809

Extract from an article on Jordi Pericot, who works in collaboration with this Museum, published in Diari de Girona on 10 December 2009.


The excavations of the Church of Sant Feliu will begin in January

The excavations of the Church of Sant Feliu are one of the actions planned within the frame of the European project which lends continuity to the Culture 2000 programme, a project seeking to identify the potentialities of the hidden heritage of three medium-sized cities Brindisi, Toulouse and Girona, and to spread their acquaintance by means of a joint promotion plan.


The Catalonia History Museums Network

The Catalonia History Museums Network is formed by the Cervera County Museum, the Lleida Museum, the Terrassa Museum, the Torre Balldovina Museum of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and the Museum of the History of Catalonia.


The 3rd Girona History Conference will be dedicated to the bicentenary of the Napoleonic Wars

On 19, 20 and 21 November, the city of Girona will go back in time to analyse the subject "War and Power in Frontier Lands (1729-1823)".


Retrospective exhibition of the architect Josep Claret Rubira at the History Museum

The exhibition Josep Claret (1908-1988), An Architect between the Republic and the Dictatorship, which may be visited until 14 February 2010.


New action on Sopra e sotto la città europea (Above and Underneath the European city) EU project

One action of this project was to organise an amateur video competition designed to promote the historical and heritage values of the city.


New open days at the museum on 26 and 27 September

To celebrate European Heritage Days in Catalonia, the museum will hold open days on the last weekend in September.


Night 10 in the museum

Girona is joining in the celebration of TV3's Night 10 with a varied programme of events.


Presentation in Girona of the European project

The project, which continues the Culture 2000 programme, springs from a desire to identify the potential of the hidden heritage in three medium-sized cities ¿Brindisi, Toulouse and Girona¿ and to publicise this through a jointly undertaken promotion plan.


The Tour de France in Girona

On the night of 8 July, just before the ninth stage of the Tour de France sets off, we are offering a cultural Tour de Girona.


An influx of visitors to the Museum during May

During the exhibition Girona, flower time, the Museum welcomed 96,513 visitors an increase of 6.84% on the previous edition of this show.


Free entrance to city museums on the first Sunday of each month

Girona City Council has set up an attractive free entrance plan for the five museums in the Gironamuseus group, with the aim of facilitating access to our rich cultural heritage during the current period of recession.


Girona Flower Time in the City History Museum

The 54th Girona Flower Time exhibition will be held from 9 to 17 May in courtyards, gardens and other sites around the city.


Museum Night

The City History Museum will remain open until midnight on Museum Night. The curator of Girona and France. Times of War and Peace, 1659-1939 will give a guided visit around the exhibition at 8pm.


The City History Museum rewards visitor loyalty

We wish to thank all participants in the museum activities.


Wide range of activities related to Girona during the Peninsular War

Girona and France: Times of War and Peace, 1569-1939 is a temporary exhibition that opens up a new perspective on the Peninsular War within the greater context of the 1792-1823 war cycle. The exhibition is backed up by a programme of guided and dramatised visits, itineraries around the city, and the more light-hearted Peninsular War Game and Lion Cut-Out.


A novel set during the sieges of Girona

Mort a Girona (Death in Girona) by Miquel Fanyanàs launched at the City History Museum.


The fortifications on Montjuïc Hill

Last Sunday 29 March, Girona City History Museum organised its first tour of the little-known fortifications on Montjuïc Hill: St Joan¿s Tower, St Lluís¿ Tower, St Daniel¿s Tower, St Narcís¿ Tower, Suchet Tower and Montjuïc Castle. The tour is one of the Museum¿s ¿Walk through History¿ itineraries.


The Museum's collection grows through new donations and acquisitions

The municipal collection took charge of works by of three local artists who are no longer with us: Josep Perpiñà, Montserrat Llonch and Josep Aguilera.


Seventy years back, but it seemed almost like yesterday

A tour that opened our eyes to the forces that explain Girona as it is today.Extract from an article by Joaquim Bohigas published in the newspaper Diari de Girona on 9 February.


Presentation of the book Germans Sàbat, 50 anys d'un poble (Germans Sàbat, Fifty years of a city neighbourhood)

This volume's presentation ceremony was held last Friday, January 16th, with its authors Jordi Busquets, Jaume Prat and Jordi Pericot. The work traces the historical, social and planning development of this Girona district.


Seminars: Identity and Exile (1939-2009)

The seminars Identity and Exile (1939-2009) will be held from 5 to 7 February in Girona, Barcelona and La Jonquera. They have backing from the Directorate-General for the Democratic Memory, and have been organised by the University of Barcelona, the University of Girona, the Exile Memorial Museum and the Catalan Mental Health Congress Foundation.


New tours into the history of Girona

The City History Museum website is presenting a new section offering virtual tours around the city.


Experience history in a different way in 2009

The schedule of activities run by the City History Museum is arranged in five theme-based blocks,


Third Girona History Conference

Third Girona History Conference to present in-depth study of Peninsular War (1808-1814).


AEMCAT in the City History Museum

The Music Teachers’ Association of Catalonia (AEMCAT) held in Girona City History Museum.


Nit en blanc

City History Museum participates in Girona edition of “Nit en Blanc” programme on TV3


Jaume Prat, a contributor to the work of the City History Museum, is presenting the first comprehensive guide to Girona's city wall

Girona City Council is publishing the first in-depth guide to the city's wall and other fortifications, covering the period from the first century BC down to the eighteenth century.


One hundred years of the Museums Board

Various events and programmes will be held this year on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of this institution.


International Congress — “The Battle of the River Ebro 70 years later”, in Móra d’Ebre

This congress will be held from July 24th to 27th, together with various commemorative events, at the “La Llanterna” Municipal Theatre (at C/ Miquel Rojals, 1) in Móra d’Ebre.


The museum will once again be opening into the early hours of the morning.

The City History Museum will be taking part in TV3’s Nit en blanc (‘sleepless night’) project .


Secondary School Institute of Girona

On Wednesday May 28th past, this book by Joan Olòriz was presented in the exhibitions room of the City History Museum.


89,912 people came to Girona's City History Museum for the Girona Flower Time exhibition.

As in other years, the City History Museum was the setting for various floral installations and arrangements for this 53rd exhibition for flowers, monuments, patios and gardens, which welcomed a total of 89,912 visitors over the period 10-18 May. Of those, 59,077 went to the Coal Cellar room, 15,770 to the exhibition room, and 15,065 to the museum's permanent collection.


The Long Night of the Museums is back

The Long Night of the Museums will be coming back for the fourth time at the city's museums on 17 May, with an open day lasting until midnight, plus the museums' programmes of parallel activities.


The TV serial Ventdelplà at the History Museum

One of the new episodes for the TV serial Ventdelplà was filmed at the City History Museum on 9 April.


New family tour presented

We are launching a new range of tours around the city under the name "Walk around History".


Bright awakening

Painting and photography engage in a dialogue on particular spots in the city, mostly characteristic and distinctive ones.


New Sardana Room

· The Museum has started renovation work on its permanent exhibition rooms, marked by the reopening of the new room devoted to the sardana dance, which now has the tenora (Catalan tenor shawm) played by Ricard Viladesau on display.


Gironamuseus website

The new website on Girona’s museums, Gironamuseus, is now up and running,


The summer programme has attracted a total of 5,000 people so far

The summer programme at the City History Museum will be coming to a close in the last week in September, in the framework of the European Heritage Days in Catalonia. The programme has attracted a total of 5,000 people so far, of whom nearly a thousand came for the scheduled activities, while the remainder comprised people visiting the temporary exhibition.


The Autumn programme at the City History Museum opens

The Autumn programme at the City History Museum opens at the same time as Girona’s yearly municipal Festivities, at the end of October, and it will be packed with free options such as dramatised tours, some for children and some for all the family, and stories. This season will also bring an exhibition devoted to the figure of Emília Xargay.


New educational materials from the Girona City History Museum

A guide to the contents, and six suggested topics.


Another donation to the Museum’s collection

Ms Anna Donato, acting on behalf of the Proscenium Group, has donated a banner to Girona City Council for the City History Museum.


New projects for the City History Museum

Girona City Council is considering building a lift to make access to the City History Museum easier from Ballesteries street or from Pujada Sant Feliu. According to the Museum’s Director, Pere Freixas, this would solve the problems faced by first-time visitors to the city in finding the entrance on Força street.


The City History Museum received approximately 100,000 visitors over the nine days of “Girona Flower Time”

The 52nd “Girona Flower Time” exhibition of flowers, monuments, patios and gardens took place this year from 12th-20th May. Flowers were again the main attraction in the museum for the duration of the annual springtime exhibition.


Recent bequests to the City History Museum permanent collection

Girona City History Museum permanent collection has received a bequest from Concepció Costa Torró consisting of a publicity element and an ink drawing, both by Carles Vivó. Montserrat Pararols Sidera has also bequeathed a set of documents on the sardana dance.


Living Tàrraco

The 9th International Seminar on Dissemination of Roman History will be held in the city of Tarragona from May 10 to 20.


We invite you to see The Hermitage Dwellers

Gironamuseus invites you to celebrate International Museum Day with the projection of a documentary in the Cinema Truffaut on Friday 18th May at 8.30 pm.


The event will be scheduled for Sunday 29 April

The tour – an unusual itinerary around the city wall, led by Jaume Prat – has had to be cancelled since he is ill. A new date will be announced shortly.


Lower Palaeolithic tools found in the Turó de la Bateria area

The archaeologists commissioned by Girona City Council to supervise the development work at Turó de la Bateria have uncovered a lower Palaeolithic site.


111,329 persons visited the City History Museum in 2006

The City History Museum received a total of 111,329 persons last year, including visitors to the permanent exhibition rooms and/or the 11 temporary exhibitions, as well as participants in the 41 activities held in the museum throughout 2006.


The new City History Museum website was visited by 74,420 persons in 2006

In the last two months of the year, the average number of visitors increased by over 50%.


Successful culmination for the exhibition marking the 150th anniversary of the Girona Municipal Police Force (1856-2006)

The exhibition, staged by the curator Ramon Alberch and produced by Girona City Council, was put on in the Coal Cellar and Cistern rooms from 20 October to 10 December, and 8,865 visitors came to see it.


The use of the ticket M5, a promotional tool for the museums Iin the city of Girona

Once this initiative had begun, we needed to find out how the Tiquet M5 was working and how often it was being used by Girona museum visitors and visitors to the city. The study was carried out by the Institute of Cultural Heritage at the University of Girona.


New publication outlining school activities for the 2006- 2007 school year

This booklet will tell you all about a wide range of activities aimed at children in nursery and primary education, and young people in secondary education and further education, without forgetting the adults of course.


Under the skin of the city

Excerpt from a feature article contributed by the Catalan Government Minister and Spokesman Joaquim Nadal and published in the newspaper Diari de Girona on 11 August .


The museum’s collection grows to 9,600 inventory items through the latest donations

Mrs Maria Assumpció Nadal Padró and Mr Joaquim Alcalde Ballell have given respectively electrical items and photographs of the city’s bullring to the City History Museum’s collection.


The History Museum has a sundial dating from the eighteenth century

A specimen of a sundial dating from the eighteenth century is kept in the city of Girona, on a wall in the old Capuchin monastery of Sant Antoni.


The sculpture La Justícia (Justice) by Emília Xargay

Girona City Hall has the sculpture La Justícia (Justice) by Emília Xargay temporarily out on loan to the Community of Madrid region.



Two rooms will be updating their museographic communication in the near future

The sardana music-dancing theme-gallery and Gallery 12 devoted to the onset of the Republic will be updating their museographic communication in the near future.


Another perspective on the Perpinyà Plan.

The The Perpignan Plan under Construction as viewed from the Market by Jesús Portas (1917- 1991) can be seen in the Museum gallery devoted to Francoism.



Gironamuseus. Tiquet M5

This card allows you to visit the five Girona Museums at a very special price. You will only have to pay the total of the entrance at the first museum you will visit, then only 50% of the entrance at the rest of the museums. Valid for 6 months.



Optical Telegraphy in Catalonia – travelling successfully.

This exhibition, which was curated by Jaume Prat and produced by Girona City Council, was shown in the Museum’s Coal Cellar and Cistern Rooms in 2004, and spent 2005 travelling successfully – and it is still on its travels now.


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