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Temporary Exhibitions

A production that I will (maybe) never carry out

A proposal that endeavours to show, in a critical, uninhibited and hardly conditioned way, how to make use of unlimited creative freedom.

27 MAY 2011 – 26 JUNE 2011   (Carbonera)

How can use be made of a creative freedom without technical or economic limitations or limitations of space and time? How can use be made of freedom within the selfsame artistic language beyond metaphorical, paradoxical, mimetic, poetic, conceptual and abstract patterns? How can an open convocation be taken up? How can a single concept of the freedom of ideas be selected? Which criteria limit the choice? How can an idea be transferred to a display format? How can falling into stereotyped formats be avoided? How can the distances with respect to the user/spectator be reduced?
These are bare ideas that aim to be visible without awaiting a future production and that give shape to a conceptual map that reflects ironically the artistic language and the artist’s function in relation to the mechanisms of production and exhibition.

For more information check the location map and the opening schedules.



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