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Temporary Exhibitions

Group Praxis 75 (1975-1990). A communicative guerrilla

The exhibition will present the history of Grup Praxis 75 (Bep Marquès and Lluís Bosch Martí), which was set up at the end of the Franco regime.



29 OCTOBER 2011 – 12 FEBURARY 2012   (Sala d'exposicions)

The group was actively involved in the Democratic Assembly of Girona Artists (ADAG), both as founder members and as part of the driving force behind the assembly. As independent artists, they also took part in initiatives arising out of the city’s most dynamic social movements.
Grup Praxis 75 was characterised by the use of procedures and techniques deriving from collage, photo collage and photomontage. The artists’ creative combinations of texts and images, often with an ironic or sarcastic note, turned into reflections on current events and/or instruments used in the political-ideological struggle of the time. Their productions encompassed elements from both highbrow art and popular culture, employed alternative means of dissemination from those of traditional art, and questioned to some extent the idea of the unique work of art.
Curator: Narcís Selles, art historian
Exhibition and catalogue design: Marcel Dalmau
Organised by: Girona City Council

For more information check the location map and the opening schedules.


> Documento: Consulte the book - catalogue of the exhibition (PDF 4,6Mb)

> Documento: Text of the exhibition (PDF 0,2Mb)



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