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Temporary Exhibitions

Parva Gerunda. The Roman Girona

In Roman times, cities were much more than a place to live in.


Recreation of the Roman Forum by J. Sagrera [ ENLARGE PICTURE ]

29 OCTOBER 2012 – 01 APRIL 2013   (Sala d'exposicions)

Indeed, they were the administrative, economic, religious and social centres of complex extensive territories. The Roman city was the site of markets, political life, religious cults and also leisure and entertainment. Founded early in the 1st century B.C., Gerunda (today's Girona) is an excellent example of a provincial Roman city.
The exhibition presents everything we know to date about the parva (little) Gerunda —as the Roman poet Prudentius called the city and its suburbs—, but it also gives a glimpse of the everyday life of a Roman citizen: leisure, religion, the home, business... in short, the life and death of the founders of Girona.
Curated by Josep Maria Nolla, Lluís Palahí and David Vivó (Archaeology and Prehistory Laboratory of the Historical Research Institute, University of Girona-UdG)
Organised by: City History Museum. Girona City Council

For more information check the location map and the opening schedules.


> Documento: Information of the leaf of room (PDF 1,7Mb)



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