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Temporary Exhibitions

El desig de viure i d'escriure: Prudenci Aurora Bertrana

They were very different. However, they shared a literary vocation that led to their joint publication of the novel (The lost island) in 1935.



28 OCTOBER 2017 – 22 APRIL 2018   (Sala d'exposicions)

Before and after that point, their life paths witnessed quite dissimilar experiences and events, although they did coincide on some essential points, such as their links to Girona, their passion for artistic expression in multiple forms, the cultural weight of Barcelona, their “unease” at having a certain public image and the importance of intellectual relations. This exhibition takes the point of creative union represented by the aforementioned mid-nineteen thirties novel to explain the worlds of the father and daughter with regard to both their differences and what they had in common. Our aim here is to reach a better understanding of both figures, as this will allow us to explain much of Catalan and European political and cultural history from the last quarter of the nineteenth century right up to the nineteen seventies.

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