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From Kerunta to Gerunda. The origins of the city.

As we move through history, the founding of a city becomes seen as a primordial event, an extraordinary deed¿


View of the exhibition [ ENLARGE PICTURE ]

22 JUNE 2007 – 07 OCTOBER 2007   (Sala d'exposicions)

The actual birth of a city is often unknown, obscure or subject to debate. Reality is usurped by embellishing and enhancing myth, legend and apocryphal tales.

For many centuries, lack of historical data combined with awareness of the antiquity of the city situated the foundation of Girona on ancient Gerunda, documented in classical texts dating from 1st century AD.

When legend was no longer an acceptable explanation, and critical scholars rejected unreliable etymologies, a new attempt was made to shed light on the origins of the city through rigorous analysis of contrastable historical and archaeological findings, which will be displayed in this exhibition.

Curators University of Girona Institute for Cultural Heritage.

Organised by Girona City Council.

With the collaboration of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo.

Free admission

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