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Documents, books and furniture of Carles Rahola

Carles Rahola’s grandchildren, Emili, Maria Rosa and Francesca, donated the documents and furniture from his office to the Girona City History Museum.



14 DECEMBER 2016 – 30 DECEMBER 2017   (Sala El Celler)

This space was a witness to the hard work and mental effort that this educated, honest and good-hearted man put into everything he wrote. Thanks to this donation, anyone who is interested can now see the desk which he wrote at, the bookshelves and the books he consulted, the ink wells and the quills from which his calm and measured prose emerged, flowing with culture, respect and a peaceful spirit. During the civil war, the texts he wrote in this office were a cry of protest, of resistance and hope against savagery, ignorance and intolerance.

This emotive and emblematic setting, so closely associated with the life and work of the exemplary citizen that Carles Rahola was, contains a lesson from a tragic period in the city and the world’s history when horror of violence struck Girona, but also of the time before that, when humanity, culture and civility prevailed, creating one of the most brilliant legacies of our history.

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