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Temporary Exhibitions


Installation about the world of aromatic plants and their uses in our culture.


View of autochthonous plants of the Mediterranean region [ ENLARGE PICTURE ]

12 MAY 2007 – 27 MAY 2007   (Sala d'exposicions)

Through the various expressive languages and the senses this installation will acquaint visitors with some of the aromatic plants most widely used to make perfumery products and medicines, as well as daily in the kitchen. A leading role is accorded to the autochthonous plants of the Mediterranean region.
The cultivation of these plants will be explained, along with the various processes used to extract their aromatic essences.
Visitors will also receive information about the influence aromas have on our nervous system, and will find out the chemical mechanism by which our memories or certain moods are induced through our sense of smell.
The exhibition is structured into four spaces created on the basis of montages put together using dried aromatic plants, music, light, photographs and video projections.

Installation by Carme Bosch.

Organised by Girona City Council.

Entry free of charge.

For more information check the location map and the opening schedules.



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